Sextons Creek serves clients in the areas of government relations, strategic communications, media production, and business development. Bill Smith founded Sextons Creek in 2014 with the intent to work hard, do good, and have fun. Our conviction is that good cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and commitment, all of which are illustrated by our team of partners and associates.

Our team has decades of experience in federal and state government offices, business, campaign management and not-for-profit organizations. Our team, along with our impressive offering of strategic alliances, are ready to put that experience to work for you.

Sextons Creek Productions is an independent design consultancy comprised of associates who are leaders in their individual fields. We believe in the value of teamwork and in pushing creative boundaries to achieve excellence. Each of our clients work with one or more of our associates, allowing for a diverse and unique collaborative approach to every project.

Whether you are a seeking to start a small business, expand your family business, or restructure your established organization, at Sextons Creek we believe that your creative business solution could be just what the world needs to solve some of its most complex problems and we want to help.