Brian Lucyzwo

Director of Business Development

Brian Luczywo (pronounced Loo-chee’-voe) is currently the Director for Business Development for Sexton’s Creek.

Prior to that, Brian was the owner of an investment company that has had projects in Beauty and Health, Health Insurance, Oil and Gas Production, Oil and Gas Monitoring, and Student Debt Servicing. The company, Lampbearer LLC, continues to dabble in projects amenable to ROI improvement through a multi-disciplinary use of Business Analytics. He is also currently actively engaged with a non-profit, ITEE Global, that engages in education consulting internationally.

Mr. Luczywo graduated Summa Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Advanced Physics and a minor in the then-young field of Computer Engineering. A GM scholarship paid for his last 2 years of college and he hired in with General Motors and went to work for their Delco Electronics division which spun off into Delphi Corporation. His career there began with writing software for industrial controls and testing. He then went on to implement quality engineering methodologies and procedures on behalf of Delphi internationally with their suppliers.

He spent numerous years as an auditor of production data, financial data, and quality systems and was trained in the General Motors equivalent of ISO9000, ultimately receiving lead auditor certification from General Motors. Mr. Luczywo performed audits on over a dozen companies and on 3 continents gaining experience with international operations and deep experience in the value of logistics, organization, data and finance. He leveraged these skills into the new field of Business Intelligence and spent 13 years as a data analyst, database expert, business planner, operations expert, and implemented a full BI platform on the $250M integrated circuit (computer chip) fabrication line run by Delphi. His optimization projects cut process times from 30 days to 3 in accounting, eliminated monthly accounting errors of over $1M per month, saved millions of dollars in waste in operations, and brought desktop visibility of factory floor events to upper management.

After leaving his more than 20 year career at Delphi, Mr. Luczywo founded an investment company and directed his energies into finding underperforming oil and natural gas projects that lend themselves to improvement, short-term return of capital and solid ROI. He pursued projects in Tennessee and Texas as an investor and then progressed into a project in Texas as a direct owner/operator. That project was sold in a very short time (4 days after purchase) to a publicly-traded small-cap stock company for a sizeable profit. Mr. Luczywo was retained during the transition as a consultant and engaged himself in the finances and regulatory compliance aspects on that company’s portfolio of nearly 20 leases comprising approximately 100 wells.

In the course of his consulting, he was asked to function as the project manager on an international oil development wildcatting project in Central America. He and his family temporarily relocated and executed pre-drilling prep-work and relationship building as well as establishing the financial, regulatory, and structural underpinnings for the project during a period of several months. Upon his return, Mr. Luczywo deepened his skills in oilfield automation with

his company Lampbearer, LLC. Lampbearer implemented a solo installation of a web-based flow monitoring system and has also gained expertise in various regulated tests such as fluid-level monitoring.

Lampbearer went on to pursue a project in Student Debt Servicing. Following that were projects in the Health Care Insurance industry, direct ownership and management of a high-end Beauty Salon in Carmel, Indiana, and most recently as a bookkeeper and facilitator for a non-profit focused on providing post-secondary education in countries throughout the world. Lampbearer continues to explore any industry with acceptable ROI and has a special interest in projects in the non-profit sector.

Mr. Luczywo has a demonstrated background in business processes, regulatory issues, auditing and compliance, financial services, and international operations. He will provide his expertise to the business aspects of the company. He has the ability to deal with clients at multiple levels ranging from field personnel, to accountants, to regulators, and attorneys. He brings experience and relationships in engineering, operations management, banking and finance, and optimization. He also has the background to implement online project tracking, and other modern production control methods in a manner that is cost-effective. His familiarity with accounting information and auditing requirements facilitate the oversight necessary in investor-funded projects.

Mr. Luczywo brings a high attention for detail, a focus on success and efficiency, and he has proven experience in getting results and seeing tasks through to successful completion. His business ventures have shown an ability to adjust to changing conditions and to achieve favorable outcomes despite adverse situations. He is well-suited to managing the financial, regulatory, and logistical aspects of business ventures and building respect and working relationships with the other key participants to ensure success.