Luke Millikan

Director of Resources

Luke Millikan was born in Kyiv, Ukraine as an orphan. Just before 4 years of age, he was adopted into a loving family living in Tipton, Indiana, where he grew up learning the meaning of a good work ethic, stewardship, and serving others. From a young age, Luke had a passion for people and a desire to help others. Through much of his young years, Luke and his family traveled back to Ukraine to serve in many ministries and capacities.

In high school, Millikan continued in his passion by serving with music. Starting the violin at the age of 6 and guitar at the age of 15, he used his talents of playing and singing to help lead his youth band. Attending Word of Life Bible Institute in upstate New York, Luke deepened his love for people and his ability in communication, leadership, management, counseling, and organization. After graduating he worked on staff helping lead camp ministries and youth counseling. Luke has traveled to many different states and countries working with teens and organizing events. He has a background in security, customer relations, insurance, management, and his NREMT.

He and his wife have been blessed with two children and live in Carmel, Indiana.