Russell Bush

Director of Operations

Russell was born in Hays, Kansas and moved to central Indiana at the age of seven. While he pursued many interests growing up, he discovered his greatest passions as a freshmen in high school, when he picked up a guitar for the first time. His newfound love of music motivated him to start his own house-sitting business to fund his new endeavor, but had the added bonus of revealing another passion: running a business.

This binary love of music and business propelled Russell to Anderson University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Guitar Performance and a minor in music business in 2011. He then chose to build on his 6 years of experience in the music retail industry, and subsequently spent another four years as a top sales performer and assistant manager for a national music industry retailer.

After 10 years in music retail for two different companies at four locations, Russell decided it was time to continue his education, and left the music retail industry to pursue a Masters in Business Administration at his alma mater. After completing his MBA in 2016, Russell continued his work as an independent performer, teacher and sound engineer before joining the Productions division of Sextons Creek.

In his spare time, Russell enjoys reading, archery and spending time with family.