Sextons Creek exists to develop and deliver excellent strategic services in government relations, media productions, and business services, with unreserved commitment and unashamed conviction.

Bill Smith founded Sextons Creek in 2014 with the understanding that good work cannot be done without passion, intelligence, and commitment, all of which are demonstrated by each member of the Sextons Creek team.

Sextons Creek Divisions

Our team has decades of experience in federal and state government offices, business, campaign management and not-for-profit organizations. Our team, along with our impressive offering of strategic alliances, are ready to put that experience to work for you.

Sextons Creek Productions is an independent design agency offering video production, audio production, web development, digital media design, and much more. We believe in pushing creative boundaries to achieve excellence and taking a unique collaborative approach to every project.

Sextons Creek Business Services exists to provide resources, training and development that helps businesses succeed. Our offerings include consulting, training, facilitation, coaching, auditing, influencer and investment sourcing, and cultural development. Services are offered to businesses and organizations in a wide-range of industries and sizes.

Behind the name

The name Sextons Creek was chosen to honor Bill Smith’s grandfather, Oscar Hunter, who was born and raised in Sextons Creek, Kentucky. Many of the timeless principles that characterize the legacy of Oscar Hunter and his family are embodied here at Sextons Creek: hard work, creativity, charity, innovation, collaboration, and others.  In this way, we “pay respect to whom respect is owed and show honor to whom honor is owed.”