Sextons Creek Finishes Production on Documentary Film

June 8, 2021 – 

The Sextons Creek Production team and members of the Modoc and Klamath tribes.

Indianapolis, Indiana – Sextons Creek Productions is excited to announce that production has completed for their documentary feature film, “Modoc Nation: An Untold Story of Survival.” Executive produced by Bill Smith, Charlie Cheek, and Modoc Chief Bill Follis, this project shares the story of the Modoc War from 1872-1873, the capture and execution of the Modoc leader Kintpuash, and the legacy of the descendants of the survivors in Oklahoma.

Although many books, films, and other works have documented the Modoc War – one of the most infamous of the American Indian Wars – none have taken as extensive of a look into the life and legacy of the families of the survivors as this new film.

“It is always exciting to complete a film project, but this one is special. Sextons Creek Productions is honored to have been selected by Chief Bill Follis and the Modoc Nation to partner with them in telling their amazing story. The Modoc Nation’s incredible history of resilience and achievement needs to be known,” said Bill Smith, Founder and CEO of Sexton Creek Productions.


Filming on location in Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California.

Produced in collaboration with the Modoc Nation of Oklahoma, the film was carefully shot during the unusual circumstances of the past year, filming on location in California, Oregon, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Indiana. “Our primary goal with this project was to amplify the voice of the Modoc people,” said Evan Gilmore, who served as producer on the film. “We wanted their story to be heard. From pre-production all the way through to the very end, we were working with the tribe at every step along the way to ensure the integrity of the project.”

The film is set to premiere at the Historic Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma in June. Details on distribution will be announced in the future.

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