Loyal Servant Leader

Today marks the end of Bill Smith’s unbroken 13-plus year run as Chief of Staff to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, though by no means the end of his service to the Governor.  Bill helped  the Governor win his primary for Congress in May of 2000 and then served as his Chief of Staff through six terms in Congress (though he stepped down before the end of the 6th term to help Mike win the race for Governor in 2012).

When the Governor won that campaign, no one in the know was surprised Bill was named the new Chief of Staff. In an era of hired political guns, internet technology and focused-group tested messaging, Bill’s tenure of quiet counsel, wit and wisdom and indubitable integrity stands out as loyal and unselfish. It is also marked by many successes.

There are many very loyal Pence inner core staffers (Ryan Streeter was Mike’s driver in a 1992 campaign and is his senior policy adviser today; Lani Czarnicki ran Mike general election campaign in 2000 and has worked for his since then as well) but Bill Smith stands out as someone whose loyalty and integrity are refreshing. But chief among this chief’s attributes to this close observer and one-time consultant to the Pence team is his absolute lack of need for recognition or credit.

Loyalty and humility are all-too-often scarce traits today; to find them in such a key position in public life over 14 years is downright rare.

Hats off to Bill Smith as he transitions into a political consulting role for Gov. Pence and makes his mark in yet a new way. Well done, good and faithful servant-leader.

by Curt Smith, inForeFront, Indianapolis Business Journal